Oodako the giant octopus that debuted in King Kong versus Godzilla
Not to be confused with Giant Octopus

Oodako (also known as Daidako and Giant Devilfish) is a giant octopus monster that debuted in King Kong vs Godzilla and returned in War of the Gargantuas . He's also known as the  and . He also appeared in the alternate ending for the movie Frankenstein Conquers the World.


Oodako from King Kong Versus GodzillaIn King Kong vs Godzilla, Oodako crawls ashore on Farou Island and attacks a village hut in an attempt to get the special soma berry juice that the natives store there. The natives, along with members of a pharmaceutical company, attempt to defeat Oodako with spears and shotguns, but to no avail. King Kong then appears behind a giant wooden fence, crumbling it with his bare hands and throwing the pieces at Oodako. Kong grabs Oodako, but the octopus holds tightly on to Kong's head. After a short struggle, Kong pulls the monster off and throws it to the ground. He then throws two boulders at Oodako's head. Oodako flees back to the beach and presumably returned to the sea, Kong beating his chest and roaring in victory.

In the alternate ending for Frankenstein Conquers the World, after Frankenstein defeats Baragon, Oodako comes from the sea and fights Frankenstein. Frankenstein battles fiercely, but can't compete with Oodako's numerous and powerful tentacles. Oodako drags Frankenstein in to the water, seemingly to his death.

In War of the Gargantuas, Oodako attacks a fishing boat, but is defeated by the Green Gargantua, Gaira.